Open doors to real estate opportunities

A better way to develop, manage and lease property

The real estate landscape in Chicago gets us excited. It’s filled with opportunities to create vibrant spaces for home or work in neighborhoods that are alive with energy.

We bring a hands-on approach to every project we develop, manage and lease. Dynaprop has the knowledge, commitment and reputation it takes to create the right spaces for homes and businesses throughout the city.

Here’s what sets us apart from others

Develop projects from the South Loop to River North, along the shoreline and up to Andersonville and Edgewater.

Find the right opportunities based on decades of experience in property development, contracting and property management.

Rescue troubled projects with legal, financial or management issues.

Recognize the details make the difference and attend to them until they are right.

Hold a right-sized portfolio of properties that we develop and manage.

Our approach to real estate development works

We have the connections, alliances and experience to develop residential and commercial properties from the ground up with new construction or completely renovate spaces such as homes, offices or retail storefront.

Long-term investors and lenders provide capital for us to buy, renovate and manage our properties

Well-established contractors, consultants and professionals deliver expert, high quality work product that meets our standards

Proven sales and leasing brokers represent our expertise and values

Snapshot of our project portfolio

Over $100 million in gross sales of residential and commercial properties

30+ properties we developed into condominiums and single-family homes after rehabilitation or construction

Commercial office space we oversee in vintage loft buildings in the River North neighborhood after development

Retail space we manage in a mixed-use residential and retail development in the South Loop and River North neighborhoods

Your real estate development partner

We know what it takes to develop and manage projects in today’s hectic real estate market. That’s why Dynaprop Development has earned a reputation as a trusted and respected real estate partner in Chicago.